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  • Looking back at 2023 and outlook into 2024
    8 January 2024 |
    In 2023, I have been doing various presentations at different occasions - a highlight being the keynote presentation at the International Livecoding Conference in Utrecht.
    In the background I have worked on Baken (beacon), which will be a permanent light installation mounted on the new building of the artist incubator space Bajesdorp. This is still a work in progress as I am gathering the financial support to realise this project. However, I have worked on prototypes and first explorations with this new kind of light instrument.
    The biggest achievement of 2023 is the completion of the new Bajesdorp: a housing cooperative and artist incubator, that over 2023 has grown from its foundations into a finished and delivered building of 20 meters high. So at the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024, I have been busy with finalising the inside of my new home and atelier.
    We have founded a new association in June 2023, Begane Grond Bajesdorp, that will run the public spaces on the ground floor. A crowdfunding campaign has just started in February to kickstart GROND.
    In 2024, I will be working one or two new works with kites - so stay tuned for that!

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  • Looking back at 2022 and outlook into 2023
    20 January 2023 |
    Last year, I published my book “Composing Interactions” after many years of researching, writing, creating diagrams and perfecting the layout. I’m very happy with all the positive reactions that I am getting on the book now that it is out into the world.
    photo by Felicity van Oort
    Also in 2022 I had the opportunity to return to my kite projects and developed a new version of V.L.I.G. adapting the work to a video installation with footage recorded at the beach of Tainan. That work is still in exhibition at Siao-Long Cultural Park. In addition, I developed a workshop on creating musical instruments from kites, and presented the performance Wind Instrument again.

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  • Presales of Composing Interactions
    20 March 2022 | book
    After many years of writing, the publication date of my book Composing Interactions - An Artist’s Guide to Composing Interactions is now finally in sight, and set at June 1st, 2022. The presales have started via the publisher V2_.

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