In collaboration with Jaime del Val as a result of the METABODY project.

METATOPIA is an architectural paradigm of indeterminate space, enacted as a nomadic, interactive & performative environment for outdoors & indoors spaces that merges dynamic physical & digital architectures, with 3D and multisensory immersion, focusing on indeterminacy, unpredictability and open-ended relation to bodies and surrounding environment, an indeterminate space of emergent behaviours and movements that defies prediction and control in the Big Data Era. Metatopia is a unique hybrid of performance art, dance, technology, sound art, interactive architecture, VR, gaming, visual arts, live abstract film, sculpture, design, philosophy and activism. Metatopia is a Barraca of the S. XXIst Century, an Occupy 2.0, a (post-)cyberpunk metamedia Opera, a simchthonic chorus.

Full description can be found at the METABODY website.

I have collaborated with Jaime mostly on the sensing system and motorized movements of the structures. In joint performances I livecoded mappings of the sensor data to sound.