Baken (beacon) is an interactive light artwork that registers the local climate and living environment and translates these to light simulations visualising the changes in (living) climate in Amsterdam. The beacon will be a 15 meter cylindrical, sculptural light artwork mounted on the corner of the facade of the new artist incubator the Vrijkoop van Bajesdorp.

As an artistic weather station, Baken will give an interactive, visual impression of the state of the climate on the edge of Bajes Kwartier in Amsterdam. Baken gathers information on the climate and reflects with its artistic format on what sort of information display could give insight, with a certain physical urgence, to local climate change on the long term. This light artwork in public space offers a daily, visual reminder on the slowly changing and irreversible climate crisis. This way it offers neighbours a sign to navigate to a livable future.

Renders made in Blender of the draft design (created by Luuk Meints in collaboration with Marije Baalman)



  • Luuk Meints - 3D imaging, design of the construction of the light object


  • Joram Kraaijeveld - curator, artistic advice
  • Martin Kuitert - architect of the building
  • Harmen Zijp (Meet je Stad) - environmental sensing


The research phase is funded by Creative Industry Fund NL