artist and researcher/developer based in Amsterdam - working with sound, light and interaction


  • Presales of Composing Interactions
    20 March 2022 | book
    After many years of writing, the publication date of my book Composing Interactions - An Artist’s Guide to Composing Interactions is now finally in sight, and set at June 1st, 2022. The presales have started via the publisher V2_.
  • Behaviours of light and sound
    25 September 2021 | sound, light, machinelearning, composition
    This post was originally written in 2018, but then not published on the website yet. I’m happy to post it now, finally! In this post, I will describe how the sound and light composition of N-Polytope is structured. For this I will start with the physical components, describe the sound synthesis and light synthesis algorithms, and then go to the bigger picture of the composition with these instruments and how the machine learning algorithms are used.
  • Interview on WoNoMute
    1 June 2021 | interview, sound
    I was interviewed by WoNoMute (Women Nordic Music Technology), a horizontal network organization that promotes the work of those identifying as women in the interdisciplinary field of music technology. The term music technology is used here to define activities related to the use, development and analysis of technology applied to sound and music. It is an umbrella term that connects researchers and practitioners, as well as engineers and social scientists. WoNoMute previously interviewed (amongst others): Rebecca Fiebrink, Rebekah Wilson, Pamela Z, Natasha Barrett and Alexandra Murray-Leslie. Read the interview here:
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