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  • Tinnitus highlighted by IMPAKT
    19 December 2019 | body, sound, collaboration, composition
    IMPAKT highlighted an old piece I made in 2011, for the Inclusive Extensions - shifting borders by design project. Tinnitus: A work by Marije Baalman and Mariagiovanna Nuzzi When it comes to hearing disabilities, Tinnitus might be one of the most common. In the Netherlands alone, an estimated 2 million people suffer from Tinnitus. It is a form of hearing damage, in which you continuously experience sound, even when there is no external sound. Tinnitus has many different causes, but the most common cause is (over)exposure to loud noise.
  • Livecoding with one hand
    14 January 2019 | livecode, body, instrument
    I’m typing this post with the Twiddler (well, I started at least). I’ve been practising now for some months and developing the interface for ‘Etudes pour le livecoding a une main’, basically since the notification came in that the performance got accepted for the ICLC.
  • Creating Algorithmic Sentience
    7 June 2018 | touch, movement, game, larp
    In the second part of my “Sentient Machines” residency at Baltan Laboratories, I focused on prototyping the game interactions for the multiparticipant environment. During the residency I worked with Tim Bosje and Marion Traenkle. We did a playtest on June 6 with 7 participants. As we had to put out the call for the playtest long before we created the larp/game, I gave the name Algorithmic Sentience to the larp in reference to the name of the residency program at Baltan: Sentient Machines, and highlighting the focus for the game: exploring both how algorithms change our ‘sentience’ as well as posing the question whether there is a ‘sentience’ of the algorithms. In this report, I reflect on the design process, the playtest and the feedback, and what we want to change before the next playtest.
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